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Apache Module mod_isapi

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Description:ISAPI Extensions within Apache for Windows
Module Identifier:isapi_module
Source File:mod_isapi.c
Compatibility:Win32 only


This module implements the Internet Server extension API. It allows Internet Server extensions (e.g. ISAPI .dll modules) to be served by Apache for Windows, subject to the noted restrictions.

ISAPI extension modules (.dll files) are written by third parties. The Apache Group does not author these modules, so we provide no support for them. Please contact the ISAPI's author directly if you are experiencing problems running their ISAPI extension. Please do not post such problems to Apache's lists or bug reporting pages.

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In the server configuration file, use the AddHandler directive to associate ISAPI files with the isapi-handler handler, and map it to them with their file extensions. To enable any .dll file to be processed as an ISAPI extension, edit the apache2.conf file and add the following line:

AddHandler isapi-handler .dll
In older versions of the Apache server, isapi-isa was the proper handler name, rather than isapi-handler. As of 2.3 development versions of the Apache server, isapi-isa is no longer valid. You will need to change your configuration to use isapi-handler instead.

There is no capability within the Apache server to leave a requested module loaded. However, you may preload and keep a specific module loaded by using the following syntax in your apache2.conf:

ISAPICacheFile c:/WebWork/Scripts/ISAPI/mytest.dll

Whether or not you have preloaded an ISAPI extension, all ISAPI extensions are governed by the same permissions and restrictions as CGI scripts. That is, Options ExecCGI must be set for the directory that contains the ISAPI .dll file.